League of Nicholas Cages: Trailer Park Shark Attack


The flood waters are rising in the Red Rock West Trailer Park.
Find the National Treasure and escape before the sharks get you.
Oh, and one more thing. Everyone plays as Nicholas Cage.

Cameron Poe (Con Air) https://tinyurl.com/conairpoe
Rick Santoro (Snake Eyes) https://tinyurl.com/snakesantoro
Caster Troy (Face Off) https://tinyurl.com/facetroy
Edward Malus (Wicker Man) https://tinyurl.com/wickermalus
Big Daddy (Kick Ass) https://tinyurl.com/kickdaddy
Peter Loew (Vampire’s Kiss) https://tinyurl.com/vamploew
Sailor Ripley (Wild at Heart) https://tinyurl.com/wildsailor
H.I. McDunnough (Raising Arizona) https://tinyurl.com/raisingyhi
Stanley Goodspeed (The Rock) https://tinyurl.com/rockgood
Ben Sanderson (Leaving Las Vegas) https://tinyurl.com/vegasben

Sample Character Sheet: